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What action to use to repair a brick will depend on how damaged it is. You can repair a brick by removing it entirely and replacing it with a new one. You can also “face” the brick by using a coloured cement mixture (matching the colour of the brick) to create a “new” brick over the damaged one. Sometimes if the brick requires cleaning, the use of acids and or soap can be used, in order to make the brick look new.

Repointing Your Property in Surrey

Repointing is the method of using a sand and cement mixture to correct old defective brickwork which lets in water. If water gets into the brickwork, this can cause corrosion and deterioration of the building’s interior and exterior. The sand and cement mixture can be adapted to change the colour in order to match the old mixture which preserves the authenticity of the building.

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Repointing & Brick Repair Specialist Surrey

Steve Hall

I Specialise in the following aspects of Pointing and Brick Repair:
All aspects of brick repairs & repointing
Mortar restoration including lime mortars
Restoration of old buildings
Domestic & commercial work

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